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  1. V. V. Sethuraman says:

    Nice article . Lot of people think ,Saudi arabia 8s a land of desert, miles of sand, plenty of oil wells and a conservative society.
    The Kingdom has tradition, culture ,historical sites, exotic geology .
    I thoroyghly enjoyed the 300 km ride ,passing through empty quarter ( Al Rub kaali) to reach Sharourah . It was a memorable trip.
    I truly enjoyed my 10 years stay in the Kingdom in hotvG8zan coast, cold Asir mountains and cross crossed the Asir- Baha regions almost daily for my official work .


    I worked in the Middle East for sometime in the 70s and I never imagined such places exist in the KSA. Beautiful and Biblical as well as Nabateans are mentioned. Thanks for the write up.

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